Jachoos System IT AMC in Dubai

AMC Services

Unlock Limitless Potential with AMC Services

AMC Services, the annual maintenance contract, is a convenient agreement signed between service providers and companies in need of management. It’s an umbrella term encompassing various sub-sections dedicated to maintaining a company’s software or hardware, relieving you of these maintenance burdens.


Different AMC Services:


IT AMC Service: It’s a set of services that comes in a package with many options. It includes ensuring that all the IT systems are improved and working productively. Choose the providers who have IT professionals with them, because they know how it works actully, and what changes can give the best result.

Cloud computing: the solutions that make the management best from everywhere, like through a phone or other means. Cloud computing helps access data in any part of the world.

Cyber security: It ensures that all the data is safe and there is no third unauthorized party access to it. It includes setting the high-security bars on the network.

Custom software: This includes offering custom software while developing existing software in the office area. It also includes developing innovative, customized software solutions.

Structured cabling: AMC Service includes cabling connectors, CCT, and the related network cabling. It helps organize the overall data, voice, and video signals within a building.

Telephony: It merges the traffic with your network, reducing the extra cost and helping you save on expenses associated with setting up.

IP Camera Solutions: This service includes security. IP camera solutions come with remote control management, so you don’t have to access many systems to control the camera. The IP camera can be controlled by any device from anywhere. The solution ensures that not only the software is safe but also that the whole management is not affected by illegal activities.

Software Integrated Solutions: It offers a wide variety of industry standards and custom solutions for the software. Software engineers help with in-house solutions and also with industry-standard software applications.



The AMC services are a must to go for if you want your business to be managed well, especially when you have a big company with a lot of activities to do. So many companies can help you with their solutions, like Jachoos. They are not limited to specific services and have all those service products that any business needs. They can be one of your best IT and media partners. Don’t just choose any AMC service provider randomly because this is something that is going to stay for a long time. Take your time, research, and then go for the best one.