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IP Telephony service

For stable and flexible communication between same-company offices, Cisco IP phones are the most efficient implementation. Jachoos integrates voice and data over your IP network, achieving significant cost reduction over traditional solutions such as PBX and telephone lines. Supporting this implementation.





IP Telephony Solutions

IT managers discover it extraordinarily tough to manage and control each element of their Cloud surroundings because of a loss of positive expertise. We trust that specializing in center enterprise abilities is critical and so, Jachoos Managed Services are geared toward simplifying the lives of CTOs and IT heads. Jachoos licensed directors to deal with everyday and complicated administrative obligations which enables simplifying your enterprise techniques and extensively reduces down IT budget.

Our Managed Services are tailor-made to suit each enterprise’s precise wishes due to the fact we combine technical expertise, industry-main practices, and exuberant help to offer tremendous services. From minute software customizations to huge infrastructure migrations, our builders and Cloud managers are decided to build, screen, and control any IT surroundings that require expert excellence.

Cost Reduction Communication

Significant cost reduction can be realized by replacing traditional telephone lines with Cisco IP Telephony. It produces a more efficient Business communication environment

Support IP Telephony

Cisco IP Telephony resolves traditional PBX problems such as trouble connecting with routers due to varying national specifications or expansion to changing office environments

Worldwide Recognized Technical

As our overseas service partners and Jachoos have acquired Cisco Advanced Unified Communications Specialization in 16 countries its technical capabilities are globally recognized.

Implementation of IP Telephony

Implementing IP telephony beginning in 2000, we have reduced cost, The improved productivity by these implementation, has made real achievements that we are able to share with our customers.


IP Telephony Solutions

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    IP Telephony Solutions Service

    We ensure every AMC client receives the fastest response time through our transparent portal that monitors every activity throughout the engagement. With our IT Annual Maintenance Contracts in Dubai and the UAE, you will enjoy your own customized system giving you full visibility over your requests, infrastructure as well as all IT Assets covered by your AMC agreement.

    Telephone Service

    Telephone Service means calls (including voice, voicemail and conference and data calls), supplementary services (including call forwarding and call transfer) and messaging and multi-media services (including short message services, enhanced media services and multi-media services)

    Outbound telephone call

    Outbound telephone call means a telephone call initiated by a telemarketer to induce the purchase of goods or services or to solicit a charitable contribution.


    Broadcasting service means any service which consists of the broadcasting of television or sound broadcasting programs to the public, sections of the public or subscribers to such a service.