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Nakivo- Fast & Affordable Backup Solutions

JachOOs Systems offers Nakivo as the leading data protection services for SMBs, enterprises and MSPs.Wherever your data resides, Nakivo offers a powerful backup and recovery solution to ensure its protection. With Nakivo, you can confidently safeguard your valuable data, whether it is stored on-premises, in virtual environments, or in the cloud. Nakivo’s powerful and affordable backup and recovery capabilities makes your data secure and easily recoverable whenever you need it.
  • Faster backup
  • Seamless and fast deployment
  • Multiplatform solutions and support
  • Affordable, reliable and intuitive to use
Nakivo backup and security solutions help you with powerful backup and recovery options, regardless of the location of your data.

Ransomware protection

Quick backups and workload recovery in seconds , confidently restore your data whenever needed.

Flexible & Reliable

Flexibility to protect and recover your data across various platforms, including physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Streamline your workflow

Nakivo automates routine tasks and manages all your workloads,eliminating the need for multiple tools or systems.

Unified Platform for Workloads

Nakivo Backup & Security Solutions

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    Comprehensive Recovery and Backup Solutions - Nakivo

    JachOOs Systems brings Nakivo as a comprehensive recovery and backup solutions

    Full and Granular Recovery Instantly

    • Achieve swift recovery with Nakivo’s instant full and granular recovery capabilities.
    • Restore entire systems or individual files and folders with ease, minimizing downtime.
    • Ensure business continuity and minimize productivity losses in the event of data loss or system failures.

    Unified Platform for Workloads

    • Nakivo simplifies data management with a unified platform for all your workloads
    • Manage and protect containers,physical servers, virtual machines (VMs), and cloud-based workloads from a single interface.
    • Consolidate your backup and recovery operations, reducing complexity and improving efficiency.

    Fast Backup and Replication

    • Nakivo delivers high-speed backup and replication capabilities to reduce backup windows and ensure minimal data loss.
    • Employ efficient data deduplication and compression techniques to optimize storage and network resources.
    • Meet stringent backup windows and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) with Nakivo’s fast and efficient processes.

    Seamless business operations with Nakivo Backup & Recovery

    Nakivo has simplified management, reduced storage space requirements through deduplication, and compatibility with several platforms and storage devices.
    • Nakivo backup and replication has support for VMware, Hyper-V, Nutanix AHV, physical servers, Amazon EC2, and Microsoft 365
    • Nakivo Backup Appliance has a turnkey solution with optimized performance, simplified deployment, and ease of use
    • Nakivo Backup for Synology NAS is designed to provide efficient data protection for Synology network-attached storage devices.
    • Nakivo Backup for QNAP NAS is tailored for QNAP network-attached storage devices including VM backup, application-aware backup, and granular recovery options.