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As intelligence will increase in CCTV structures, so do technology applications. The surveillance technology can now be used to have a look at client behavior, to assist agencies to boom their sales and profitability, and display retail environments to lessen shrinkage.





CCTV Surveillance

A security camera monitoring system is a critical component of a comprehensive security strategy. JachOOs is proud to offer the experience and expertise to design, install, maintain and upgrade a wide range of CCTV solutions to meet your unique business needs. 

We integrate with your existing systems. Whether you’re looking for basic local video surveillance systems, or complex enterprise-class video surveillance for large campuses, We can deliver the solution that you need. Utilizing a special video processing mode, you can perform operations such as recording, playback, and processing of images to achieve the best video results. 

The video surveillance system can be used at Internal and external environment of banks, securities business places, enterprises and institutions, agencies, commercial places, building access, parking lot, internal and external environment of high-end community.

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Our experiences and supportive staff will be there at your assistance 24/7.

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We take pride in being the most reliable IP Surveillance and security services industry.


Customer security is our top priority! We ensure that we provide budget friendly surveillance in the best possible way

Huge Product Range

We are offering security solutions to customers however we have a wide range of security offerings to choose from.

High-tech Technology

We stand out amongst our competitors due to our exceptional high-tech technology and equipment.

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Surveillance Security Systems owns a large team of professional and friendly employees, who are the masters of their own domain


IP Surveilling System

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    IP Camera Solutions

    We offer a complete range of CCTV solutions In IP as well as Conventional in tie up with its leading global partners. We have the expertise in integrating different security solutions as per the requirement of the client.

    Banking Sectors

    We offer the latest security technology for banking sectors. With cutting edge technology security cameras, metal detectors, bio-metrics and facial recognitions your banks will remain secured!

    Shopping & Retail

    We are here to protect what belongs to you. Our range of smart videos, POS solutions, multi-door solutions, control room operations is enough to keep an eye on what goes around the retail.

    Education Institute

    We are right here to protect your educational institutes and guard its premises live never before. With our multi side security installations, walk through gates, smart video analytical solution to guard your institutes to the best extent.


    We are here to provide the overall security and safety to avoid any break-ins and crimes at hospitals. Ensure that the staff is working at their greatest potential with our high functioning multi door controllers, bio-metrics, facial recognitions, call recording, logging solutions and much more!


    We have extensive experience in offering security solutions for transportation systems. We are here to protect your business areas from crimes and thefts, get the best security now.

    Real Estate

    Our nationwide surveillance network will protect your real estate property. Our wide range of security deployments, IP Surveillance, fire control solutions and other services to enough to ensure that your real estate stays guarded.