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Carbonite Backup & Data Protection in Dubai

Carbonite Safe cloud backup provided by JachOOs Systems, is a powerful and secure way to protect your files and data irrespective of size from disasters.




Safeguard Your Files Effortlessly

Carbonite Backup & Data Protection helps you to recover every file,even if it is a photo whenever you experience device loss, theft damage or failure.

The key role of Carbonite is to protect you from common forms of data loss, including accidental deletion, computer theft,ransomware and hardware failure.

The software will work quietly in the background and protect your important files in Carbonite’s secure cloud after the installation of the software. JachOOs Systems is one of the leading Carbonite backup and data protection service providers in Dubai,UAE.


Carbonite is cloud-based, so it's always up-to-date which keeps your devices safe.

Seamless Working

Carbonite works quietly in the background, protecting your important files in their secure cloud.

Automatic cloud backup solution

Protecting you from common forms of data loss, including computer theft, hardware failure, ransomware, accidental deletion.

Instant file recovery

Instant file recovery is at your fingertips with Carbonite. It’s always-on backup feature helps you to forget concerns about file loss.
JachOOs Systems is aware about losing critical documents,the readily accessible feature in the event of data deletion, corruption, computer damage, theft, or ransomware infection, both individual files and entire systems can be swiftly restored with just a moment’s notice.

Monitoring Convenience

Access your automatic computer and server backups effortlessly with Carbonite. With a secure, web-based dashboard, you can conveniently monitor the progress of your backups and access your backup sets from any device.
Whether you’re using a desktop,tablet, laptop or a smartphone, managing and retrieving your backups is made simple and accessible.

Why Carbonite Backup Solutions?

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    Carbonite Products for Data Protection & Backup

    Carbonite Safe

    • Powerful cloud backup solution for individuals and businesses.
    • Protects files and data of any size from disasters, such as device loss, theft, damage, or failure.

    Carbonite Safe Server Backup

    • Designed specifically for businesses needing to protect their server environments.
    • Supports unlimited server backup, allowing scalability as your business grows.

    Carbonite Endpoint

    • Focuses on endpoint protection, safeguarding data on individual devices.
    • Offers automatic and continuous backup for laptops, desktops, and other endpoints.

    Carbonite Migrate

    • Streamlines the process of migrating data, applications, and workloads to the cloud.
    • Reduces migration complexities and downtime during the transition.

    Carbonite Endpoint 360

    • Comprehensive endpoint protection solution for businesses.
    • Combines automatic backup, data loss prevention, and endpoint security in one package.

    Carbonite WebProtect

    • Web security solution that safeguards businesses against online threats.
    • Protects users from malicious websites, phishing attempts, and malware downloads.

    Carbonite Backup for Microsoft 365

    • Specifically designed to protect Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) data.
    • Automatically backs up emails, attachments, calendars, contacts, OneDrive, and SharePoint data.

    Carbonite Availability

    • Offers high availability and disaster recovery solutions for businesses.
    • Minimizes downtime by providing continuous replication and instant failover capabilities.