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JachOOs is at the frontrow in delivering Ubiquiti switches, Ubiquiti Networks is a renowned manufacturer of network equipment, including switches, known for their reliability, affordability, and advanced features.




Ubiquiti switches are designed to meet the needs of both small businesses and large enterprises, offering a wide range of models with various capabilities.Ubiquiti switches combine affordability, advanced features, and flexible scalability, making them popular choices for a wide range of network deployments, from small offices to large-scale enterprises.Ubiquiti switches generally offer features like VLAN tagging, link aggregation, port mirroring, and storm control, allowing network administrators to optimize performance and ensure data security.

Ubiquiti - Features & Management

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    Ubiquiti UniFi Switch Series

    The UniFi Switch series is Ubiquiti’s flagship line of switches, catering to a range of network sizes and requirements.These switches offer seamless integration with the UniFi Controller software, allowing centralized management and monitoring of the entire network.Features like VLAN support, link aggregation, and Quality of Service (QoS) enable efficient traffic management and enhanced network performance.Models in this series include UniFi Switch 8, UniFi Switch 16, UniFi Switch 24, and UniFi Switch 48, with varying port densities and PoE (Power over Ethernet) capabilities.Ubiquiti UniFi Switch Pro is an advanced and feature-rich model that offers several features.