Managed IT Services

Managed IT services can range from quite general to very specific, depending on your needs. Common services can include the monitoring and maintenance of equipment, systems management, remote monitoring and management of servers, network monitoring, and other services.

Benefits of Working With Us

IT Services

  • Double-Patented and Auto-Vertically Scalable Platform
  • Best-in-Class Security with Regular Backups
  • Bespoke Solutions
  • Dedicated and On-demand Support
  • Greater Cost Savings
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure

IT Services Features

Reduction in TCO

Reduction in TCO

We implement best IT practices that are aligned with industry standards, your Total Cost of Ownership is reduced and downtime is prevented across your entire IT infrastructure.

Support Costs

Support Costs

Services are priced on a per-user basis, allowing for pricing transparency and accurate growth forecasting. By adjusting prices based on your team’s size.

Infrastructure Auditing

Infrastructure Auditing

We review your business’s IT infrastructure based on new technology, risks, and future requirements. This gives you complete confidence that your network is operating

Proactive Managed Services

Proactive Managed Services

Secure your systems and data through proactive 24/7 monitoring and maintenance along with offsite data backup and cutting edge security solutions.

Professional Managed Services

Professional Managed Services

As a managed services provider, we help increase your business’s productivity by ensuring your IT infrastructure is online and performing at peak performance levels.

Single Point of Contact

Single Point of Contact

We serve as your in-house technical support team that interacts directly with third party technology providers. Because we know the details of every piece of technology.

IT Services

IT managers discover it extraordinarily tough to manage and control each element of their Cloud surroundings because of a loss of positive expertise. We trust that specializing in center enterprise abilities is critical and so, Jachoos Managed Services are geared toward simplifying the lives of CTOs and IT heads. Jachoos licensed directors to deal with everyday and complicated administrative obligations which enables simplifying your enterprise techniques and extensively reduces down IT budget.

Our Managed Services are tailor-made to suit each enterprise’s precise wishes due to the fact we combine technical expertise, industry-main practices, and exuberant help to offer tremendous services. From minute software customizations to huge infrastructure migrations, our builders and Cloud managers are decided to build, screen, and control any IT surroundings that require expert excellence.

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    Solution We Offer

    Cross-Platform Migration

    Make the move from traditional to eNlight Cloud or from any Cloud Service Provider to Jachoos. Our end-to-end migration support and consulting ensure you achieve your Cloud vision successfully.

    Database Management

    Jachoos offers Database Consultancy and Database Administration services through a team of certified database administrators who efficiently manages your database so that your business can experience robust performance.

    SOC Services

    Protect your Cloud environment with Jachoos Managed SOC services by proactively monitoring evolving cyber-security threats and vulnerabilities. Choose from a broad range of security solutions.

    Backup and Recovery

    Jachoos takes fast and reliable backups of workloads running in a physical or virtual environment. Jachoos Data Backup and Recovery service ensures optimum data protection

    Remote Infrastructure

    As every organization’s infrastructure is built in a unique way, Jachoos Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) services ensure that your systems are available whilst boosting your process efficiency.

    Email Migration

    Migrate your emails hosted on any Cloud or in-house to eNlight Cloud through the right migration plan created by experts at Jachoos. We help you during each step of the migration process so there is absolutely no data loss.


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