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We provide proactive IT support for your business. Ensure compliance of your IT systems with the best IT AMC solutions in Dubai.





IT AMC Services in Dubai

IT AMC services are a set of services that usually come as a package. They ensure smooth running of your IT systems by improved efficiency and productivity.

Jachoos Technologies is a team of expert IT professionals. We specialise in IT AMC services that range from economical IT packages to premium IT packages. So, if you are looking for IT AMC services in the United Arab Emirates, you don’t have to look into technical issues and downtime as JachOOs Technologies is the best IT AMC provider in the Dubai, UAE region.

We make sure your IT systems function smoothly with high security and 24/7 IT support. With our IT AMC service, your IT costs will be under control.

We undertake both software and hardware management of your IT infrastructure. Maximum uptime and scalability support are our other two specialities. Choose your IT support wisely. Choose JachOOs IT AMC services.

Our Comprehensive Structured IT Annual Maintenance Contract Services include:

  • Incident-Based Service Support
  • Hardware/Software Installation 
  • Operating System Configuration
  • Routine Hardware Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance Solutions
  • IT Asset Management
  • On-Site IT SupportSys

Complete Convenience

JachOOs provides PC and Laptop repair, Monitor maintenance, Hardware renew/ removal, Data Backup, Software Update, Software Installation, Server Maintenance and more.

Round-the-clock Support

JachOOs offers professional IT support from our seasoned experts anytime, anywhere as the leading IT AMC service provider in Dubai.

Comprehensive Packages

JachOOs Technologies offer a comprehensive range of IT AMC packages which includes SLA package, Labor only SLA package and Hourly SLA package.

Dedicated Workforce

The dedicated IT Support team is constantly monitoring and informing you if any threat is on your way. JachOOs Technologies help you to upgrade and downgrade your IT AMC based on your requirements.

Secure and reliable

We use secure data centers and protocols to ensure that your data is safe and secure at all times. Our services are designed to keep your business running smoothly without any disruptions.

Remote/ On-site Services

Remote and On-site support to solve all your IT issues and provide necessary IT support regarding your queries in an efficient way.

Benefits of IT AMC services in dubai

IT Services

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    Computer AMC Solutions & IT AMC Support

    JachOOs Technologies is known to be the top PC IT AMC providers in the UAE by serving the best IT AMC benefits for organizations and individuals.  New PC framework arrangements, troubleshooting, configurations, threats detection, software installations, antivirus protection, IT infrastructure support and appropriate network connections are some of our IT AMC services. Learn What to look for in an AMC provider in Dubai.

    JachOOs provides best-in-class IT Annual Maintenance Contract support (AMC) in the United Arab Emirates, You can choose desired response time as per your requirement on signing the annual maintenance contract.

    IT AMC Service for Laptops and Workstations

    JachOOs has experience in offering the best IT AMC services in Dubai and the UAE. IT AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) solutions and scheme  is one of the leading services that will help you to resolve any problems in desktops, gaming laptops, laptops, and workstations regardless of their brand. JachOOs provide IT AMC services consisting of offsite and onsite support, networks, remote support, and computer ardent monitoring of the computer and network to find and eradicate all issues.

    IT AMC Services For Servers

    For exceptional IT AMC services for servers, you can approach JachOOs undoubtedly. Our in-house team of storage and server technical experts delivers comprehensive support for your data center and server equipment. We have extensive experience handling renowned brands, providing top-notch IT AMC maintenance services 24/7.

    Specializing in data center storage hardware maintenance, JachOOs prioritizes uptime. Our flexible IT AMC service level agreements are tailored to meet your specific needs, guaranteeing optimal performance and reliability. Experience expert care and unmatched IT AMC support in Dubai for your data center storage infrastructure with JachOOs.

    IT AMC Services For Wireless Networks and Switching

    JachOOs is your go-to solution for any network router, switch, or WiFi issues. Our team can promptly resolve these problems, providing you with the right IT AMC services tailored to your specific IT infrastructure. With a focus on best quality services, our networking experts specialize in affordable AMC options for WiFi, network routers, and switches. JachOOs,the ultimate destination for your IT AMC services in Dubai and UAE, provide top-notch services and maintain the highest quality standards, ensuring your network operations are seamles

    Cut Down IT AMC Cost

    JachOOs, as a managed IT service provider, help to save your money when you have IT AMC in place to depend on. 

    Data Backup & Recovery

    JachOOs’ IT AMC solutions ensure year round backup and recovery that are customized to enrich your business and needs.

    IT Policies & Cybersecurity

    The system-side IT security policy offered by JachOOs’ IT AMC protects you from Malware, Intrusion, spam and other related issues.

    IT AMC Services in Dubai

    To make your business better, we at Jachoos® can help you with our IT services in Dubai. We can keep your computers and networks working all the time, which will help you work better and faster. We know a lot about IT and can make things easier for you. We can make sure that everything is working well and we can also make special plans just for your business. We understand how important IT is for your business and will work hard to help you.

    IT Annual Maintenance For Your Company

    JachOOs’ Managed IT services prioritize the maintenance and optimization of your IT infrastructure. With our support, you can focus on growing your business in Dubai, the UAE, or anywhere in the world, while we handle all your IT AMC and IT support requirements.

    Our Managed IT services are designed to help you reduce operating costs, prevent unnecessary downtime, and ensure 24/7 monitoring of critical systems. As your trusted IT AMC services provider, JachOOs ensures that you maximize the benefits of your business and IT investments while proactively addressing any IT issues to prevent disruptions. Trust JachOOs Technologies, one of the leading IT AMC services providers in the UAE, to cater to all your IT infrastructure needs.

    Ensuring uninterrupted business operations and the availability of your critical data center infrastructure is crucial. With JachOOs’ IT AMC services across the UAE, you can effortlessly stay on top of your IT infrastructure landscape, ensuring round-the-clock uptime and peace of mind.

    Entities of IT AMC

  • IT asset: Any physical asset used in the IT environment like servers, storage devices, network equipment, software, and data.
  • IT asset management (ITAM): The process of managing IT assets from acquisition to disposal.
  • Annual maintenance contract (AMC): A contract between an organization and a vendor for the maintenance and support of IT assets.
  • IT asset inventory: A list of all IT assets in an organization such as location, configuration, and status.
  • IT asset lifecycle management (ITIL): Practices for managing IT assets throughout their lifecycle.
  • IT asset security: Securing IT assets from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, modification, or destruction.
  • IT asset auditing: Reviewing IT assets to ensure their management in accordance with company policy.
  • IT asset disposal: The process of removing IT assets from service.
  • Dependable Software Maintenance and Support Services in Dubai

    We follow a comprehensive software maintenance service process to resolve issues, empower your IT team and enhance visibility of installed systems with the best after sales service in Dubai.

    Top-Rated IT AMC Services in Dubai for Networking

    Contact us for top-notch AMC services to resolve issues with network routers, Wi-Fi systems and all included switches, carried out by skilled networking experts in Dubai, mindful of your budget.

    All-Round IT AMC Support for Servers and Storages

    Our specialist technical team provides you the best comprehensive AMC support for data center and server equipment in Dubai. We ensure uninterrupted operation and offer flexible service-level agreements.

    Exceptional IT AMC Service for Workstations and Laptops

    Experience our seamless IT Infrastructure support with our all-inclusive AMC service program covering laptops, desktops, gaming laptops and workstations, providing proactive issue identification and elimination.


    AMC, or Annual Maintenance Contract, is a service agreement between an IT AMC service provider and a customer for the maintenance and repair of equipment or systems. It ensures regular maintenance, timely repairs, and support for the smooth functioning of the equipment throughout the year. There are operational aspects for AMC and it is significant in various industries.

    Annual Maintenance provides security for several  IT services and computer equipment like a printer, desktop, etc. AMC is an agreement between a firm, who offers maintenance and a consumer who has purchased a service.In some cases, your equipment’s manufacturer or warranty provider could use an AMC. This can ensure that you are protected in the event that your equipment experiences any problems.

    AMCs offer several benefits, including regular maintenance, reduced downtime, extended equipment lifespan, emergency support, and predictable rates. They ensure smooth operation of critical equipment and systems. 

    An Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is a contract between a customer and a service provider for the maintenance and support of IT equipment or systems. Comprehensive Maintenance Contract (CMC) is a more extensive and inclusive type of maintenance agreement compared to an AMC. Under an AMC, the service provider is responsible for providing regular maintenance, repairs, and technical support for a specified duration, typically one year.

    In a CMC, the service provider takes on a broader range of responsibilities for maintaining and supporting the IT infrastructure. This typically includes the management, maintenance, and support of various hardware, software, and network components.A CMC aims to ensure the overall availability, performance, and reliability of the entire IT infrastructure.

    IT AMC plays a significant role in disaster recovery by providing proactive support and maintenance for businesses’ IT infrastructure in Dubai. JachOOs System provides the best IT AMC services with a comprehensive IT AMC package. Organizations can benefit from regular system updates, security patches, and proactive monitoring to look into vulnerabilities before they become major issues.This proactive approach not only minimizes the chances of disasters but also ensures that systems are well-prepared to handle potential disruptions effectively

    There are two types of Annual maintenance contracts, Comprehensive AMCs and Non-comprehensive/Call basis AMCs. The Comprehensive AMC consists of the repair and replacement of faulty PC parts at a fixed price, providing a comprehensive solution. On the other hand, the Non-comprehensive/Call basis AMC offers services on a case-by-case basis, where repairs and replacements are charged separately.

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