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The Best HR Management System(HRMS) Software from JachOOs Technologies in the Middle East to automate your HR activities at ease.





HRMS Software to Enrich Productivity

The Best HR Management System(HRMS) Software from JachOOs Technologies in the Middle East to automate your HR activities at ease.Smart businesses find shortcuts to resolve basic and repetitive HR tasks, manually or following the same lengthy processes repetitively is tedious. By investing in JachOOs’ Human Resources Management System (HRMS Software), you can seamlessly automate those time-consuming activities, allowing HR or HRs to focus on more value-adding activities.

JachOOs HRMS is a cloud based HR and Payroll software that offers a comprehensive cloud-based human capital management solution.HR professionals can save over 20 hours per week by automating complex administrative tasks with HRMS software. As a highly integrable application, it allows HR teams to focus on essential responsibilities like interviewing, negotiation, and key metrics analysis.

Streamline your HR processes and enrich productivity in your organization with JachOOs’ HRMS software:

  • Simplifies administrative processes
  • Focuses on every aspect of employee lifecycle management
  • Maximum employee performance.
  • Provides employee self-service capabilities
  • Helps organizations to proactively engage employees
  • Control overhead costs and reduce compliance risk

Better Functioning

JachOOs HRMS Software fixes the monotonous, administration-based workload to give more focus on the people-oriented tasks.

Ensure Consistency

HRMS Software can track employee information like attendance, turnover figures, and a host of other core HR metrics.

Accurate workforce data

HRs can get accurate statistics about their workforce and use this information to determine and plan the company strategies.

Hiring & Onboarding

JachOOs HRMS can help you quickly find, hire, and onboard new hires with applicant tracking systems and proactive onboarding tasks.

Payroll & other Benefits

Our HRMS is designed to prevent data double entry and manual approval processes. So, Payroll for you and your employees is easy.

Employee Experience

JachOOs’ HRMS is crafted with tools to help you collect feedback, enhance employee satisfaction, and enrich your people.

Benefits of HRMS in Dubai

HRMS Solutions

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    Your Next-gen HRMS Solution in Dubai

    As a cloud based HR and Payroll software, JachOOs HRMS is a next-gen human resource management system enclosing employee lifecycle management to reach at the zest of employee’s performance. Our HRMS can efficiently and effectively resolve things related to people management in all sizes of organizations.

    HRMS are not a one-size-fits-all system,the needs of different organizations are different. You can easily configure and customize our HRMS to meet the requirements of your business perfectly.

    HRMS for any industry

    Different work groups have different functions even within the same system, with HRMS it is easy to choose and customize.JachOOs’ dedicated industry-based HRMS, crafted to help businesses manage their talent better and grow faster. It is completely designed for Healthcare, retail, automotive, hospitality, manufacturing, construction,oil and gas and IT industry and it is accessible for the employees from anywhere.

    Designed for all-sized businesses

    All-inclusive HR services without switching to different software solutions for each specific HR function.

    User-friendly Interface

    A power enterprise tool with an user-friendly interface to check various services and functionalities without complexities.

    Boost Employee Engagement

    By implementing JachOOs’ HRMS, businesses can boost employee engagement and reduce turnover.

    Build a high Performance Culture in your Organization

    Most organizations are moving to cloud-based HRMS for the benefits they can earn. JachOOs HRMS Solution delivers superior employee experiences for employees to engage continuously and thus to increase their productivity. It can align with your company’s employment strategy to support its evolving business models, adjusting to the ever-accelerating transformations in the business space. Moreover, it forms a culture of innovation by keeping up with upcoming technologies while staying ahead of the competition.

    Using JachOOs HRMS software to automate HR processes in your organization is the best way to save your money on administrative costs in the long run. The initial outlay of the system and ongoing running costs will be there, but you’ll need just a few HR administrators to perform manual administrative duties. You can seamlessly automate workflows, update changes to employee information, and capture key business data and people-based KPIs at the touch of a button using our HRMS. This has the potential to save both time and money when compared to complex manual processes.