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JachOOs Systems is the best Cyber Security Company or Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) in Abu Dhabi. Reach out to us for the best Cyber Security Solutions.  





Cyber Security Services in Dubai

Jachoos Sytems offers Cyber security services led by professional Cyber Security Strategists in Abu Dhabi , UAE. We assist businesses by protecting your digital assets.  JachOOs Systems has a professional team to provide the best Cyber Security services and solutions. We help you to experience the max-level Cyber Security for your business. 

We provide Threat Detection service includes User and Entity Behaviour Analysis (UEBA), Log Analysis, End-point Protection and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM). We ensures whether these elements are served to you with efficiency and perfection. 

We work 24*7 for a safe digital environment.  JachOOs Systems, as  experts in IT AMC Services in Abu Dhabi and UAE  knows the importance of cyber security at its different levels. 

Virtual / Remote CISO

Jachoos Systems has Virtual CISO (chief information security officer) with years of cybersecurity & Industry experience.

Penetration Testing

We use the same tools techniques, and methods of the attackers to ensure your Cyber Security as it is a proven strategy.

Network Security Monitoring

We provide real-time monitoring for all your perimeters so that you can respond quickly to any Cyber Security threats or malicious activities before they can cause any damage.

Cyber Security Consulting

We protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of computer systems, networks and data, against cyber-attacks or unauthorized access.


Cyber Security in Dubai

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    Cyber Security Solutions

    Jachoos Systems, Abu Dhabi, prevents your organization from cyber-attacks with our advanced cyber security solutions. With tailored services that are designed to meet all your security needs, we are at the front row.

    Application Vulnerability Analysis

    Apps are the main entry points for security vulnerabilities. Our experts utilize a range of technical solutions to ensure a comprehensive evaluation and provide an accurate map of potential weak points.

    Network Security Assessment

    Your company’s well-being is dependent on the health of your networks. To identify critical areas of risk, our technical  team conducts a thorough analysis and plans strategies to overcome things in the future.


    Vulnerabilities are identified directly in your code, reviewing the software quality assurance. *We classify* them by risk, with advice on the best way to mitigate the general impact on your organization.

    Mobile App Security

    Your Applications can suffer a cyber-attack just like your Networks. We analyze your mobile architecture giving you a comprehensive map of vulnerable areas to remediate.


    Data security is an important focus for all businesses as a breach of data can have dire consequences. There has to be a backup security measure in place to prevent the loss of data.

    physical security assessment

    Hardware and Software Security is not complete without closeness. An offensive art focused on detecting potential failures reviewing your on-site infrastructure.


    Cyber security refers to the practice of protecting computer systems, networks, and digital information from unauthorized access, theft, damage, or disruption. It involves implementing various measures and technologies to safeguard against cyber threats and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.

    Common cyber threats faced in Abu Dhabi, as well as worldwide, include phishing attacks, malware infections, ransomware, social engineering, data breaches, and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. These threats can result in financial losses, reputational damage, disruption of services, and compromise of sensitive information.

    Yes, the Dubai Electronic Transactions and Commerce Law (Law No. 2 of 2002) provides a legal framework for electronic transactions and includes provisions related to cyber security. Furthermore, the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has issued guidelines and standards, such as the UAE Information Assurance Standards (IAS), to ensure the security of information systems and networks.

    Abu Dhabi, like any other modern city, heavily relies on digital infrastructure for its operations, including financial transactions, critical services, and sensitive information storage. Cyber security is crucial in Dubai to protect these assets from cyber attacks, prevent data breaches, maintain public trust, and safeguard the city’s economic stability.

    Abu Dhabi has implemented various initiatives to address cyber security concerns. The Dubai Cyber Security Strategy, launched in 2017, outlines a comprehensive framework to enhance cyber security measures across government entities, critical infrastructure sectors, and private organizations. Additionally, the Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC) acts as the primary body responsible for securing Dubai’s cyberspace.

    Yes, Abu Dhabi has several organizations and agencies dedicated to cyber security. The Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC) is responsible for enhancing the security of Dubai’s cyberspace. The Cyber Security Department and law are actively involved in preventing and investigating cyber crimes. The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) also plays a role in promoting and enforcing cyber security standards.

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