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JachOOs Systems has an extensive array of switching solutions tailored to meet the diverse requirements of Enterprise Networks, data centers, and small businesses.Cisco Switches are meticulously designed to cater to various industries to ensure optimal performance and functionality.




JachOOs delivers Cisco switches, which has a wide range of options catering to various network requirements, from small office environments to large-scale data centers.Their diverse models like Catalyst series,Nexus series,Meraki series,Small business series,Industrial Ethernet Series and Intent-Based Networking (IBN) are designed to provide the best in the field. With the distinctive product quality,advanced features, robust security, scalability, and centralized management capabilities, Cisco switches is one of the top and popular choices for businesses of all sizes.

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    Cisco Catalyst 9000

    The best and most advanced models of Cisco switches is the Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series. The Catalyst 9000 Series switches are built with advanced technologies and features that cater to the needs of modern enterprise networks. Intent-Based Networking (IBN),The Catalyst 9000 Series switches are part of Cisco’s intent-based networking portfolio. They leverage automation, analytics, and assurance capabilities to simplify network management and operations. With IBN, IT teams can define business intent and have the network automatically configure and optimize itself, leading to improved efficiency and agility.The Catalyst 9000 Series switches offer high-performance capabilities to handle the increasing demands of modern networks.Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series is a best-in-class model of Cisco switches, offering advanced capabilities such as intent-based networking, high performance, robust security features, programmability, modular design, and advanced analytics.